Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Rossdales joins the campaign against equine obesity

Words by Lucy Grieve

Rossdales held their first 'Weight Wise' clinic on 16th June 2018 at the Diagnostic Centre in Exning, Newmarket. Horse owners were invited to book an appointment where their horse was weighed on an electronic weighbridge, nutrition and body condition scoring was discussed with Georgina Gatehouse from Spillers, and weight-tape and veterinary advice was discussed with the ambulatory vets, Mark Grant, Lucy Grieve and Paul Martynski. 

Owners received goody-bags containing a weight record chart, baseballs caps, the NEWC grazing muzzle advice leaflet, weight-tapes from Virbac and forage hand scales donated by Horse Requisites of Newmarket. 

There was a super uptake of the clinic and owner feedback was extremely encouraging. The opportunity for some dedicated one-to-one advice on all things regarding weight, nutrition and management, was welcomed. Similarly, getting an accurate starting weight and learning how to body condition score and use a weight tape, meant that owners had a clearly defined start point and end goal, with the confidence to know what they were aiming for and how they could achieve it. 

The practice was inundated with owners who couldn't make the date and so there are plans to run a second clinic towards the end of autumn. It appears that there are plenty of owners who are determined to achieve a healthy weight for their horses, they just need the information and the support to do so. 

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